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Every dog owner wants to share special moments with their furry friends. We spend time and money on traveling, activities, and toys - but when it comes to food, we often resort to what's available.

Dog On Restaurant has formulated and designed a range of dog-friendly foods that are made with 100% natural ingredients with no artificial ingredients or preservatives to ensure your favourite furry friends can enjoy the simplicity of good quality food.

By dog owners, for dog owners.

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Carob and Chicken Cake
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Carob and Chicken Cake

Beetroot and Kumara Cake
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Blueberry and Chicken Cake [Pick up only]
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100% Human-Grade Ingredients

All of our meals and treats are produced by using human grade ingredients which means it is safe for humans to consume as well.

Not like other heavy processed commercial dog food which may include little bits of animal bones, chicken feathers or preservatives, we only use fresh and lean 100% New Zealand beef and chicken meat.

Our essential nutrients and water content in our foods don't get destroyed!

Certified Pet Chef

If there are ingredients that are not safe for humans to consume - we don't believe they are safe for our pets either.

Majority of feed grade dog food(s) are made from pulp and other ingredients that humans cannot safely consume.

All of our products are made with 100% human-grade ingredients that are fresh, natural and certified human-safe.

Tasty, nutritious and to your doorstep.

From order to delivery, we take care of everything. You let us know who the special furry friend is, and we will arrange for our delicious treats to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Don't worry about calories, as all of our products are jam-packed with healthy and low-calorie ingredients such as chicken breast, kumara, tofu, cottage cheese and other highly nutritious ingredients.

Meet the Founder, Sam Kim

Seeking to make a change in the world and be able to treat his own pet as he would his best friend, Sam, with the help of his talented mother (chef) set off to revolutionize the pet food industry and change the way people think about feeding their pet.

If the average human can eat a steak with vegetables and a glass of wine for dinner, why can't your dog?

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"Dis for me?!? Nikos happy 'gotcha' day treats from the dog restaurant... He was oooh so impressed!"
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"This sushi was plate lickin' good! Finley was bit unenthusiastic ‘bout his plain old kibble breakfast this morning after this yummy treat from the Dog On Restaurant yesterday"
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"Had a blast at the Dog On Pupnic Day out!!! Look at our our yummy food! Our favourite was the kfc lookalike chicken!"

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